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Tennessee laws prohibiting drunk driving are notoriously stringent. If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you face serious consequences, including the possibility of a criminal conviction, jail time, probation, a suspended driver's license and hefty fines.

Protect your rights by retaining an attorney who practices in this area of law on a regular basis. At the Law Office of R.Timothy Hogan, Mr. Hogan is a DUI defense lawyer in Murfreesboro who is in Court weekly and he has experience protecting the rights of clients charged with drunk driving.

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You Need a Vigorous Defense From DUI

All too often, people think they have no choice but to plead guilty to a DUI/DWI charge. They often believe that they have no defense because they tested over .08 in a breath test or blood test. There are defenses that can be raised on your behalf — even if you tested over the legal limit.

While police officers are trusted with keeping the peace and enforcing laws, they are certainly not infallible. They may have made mistakes that create an opening for a strong defense or result in dismissal of charges against you. For example, they may have improperly performed a field sobriety test prior to your DUI arrest.

Even if you do not obtain a "not guilty" verdict or acquittal, your attorney may be able to negotiate at sentencing to reduce the penalties and adverse consequences you face. In some instances, a plea agreement may be a better option than fighting your charges at trial. In other cases, a negotiated plea agreement that protects your rights and minimizes your exposure to adverse consequences is better than simply pleading guilty.

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