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Every year, thousands of people in Tennessee are arrested for domestic violence or abuse. In fact, a significant percentage of people arrested for simple assault or aggravated assault are involved in disputes with a domestic partner.

The Tennessee legislature, state law enforcement and local prosecutors have made domestic violence a top priority. Penalties for domestic assault may include jail time, probation, imposition of a restraining order, the loss of the right to carry or possess a firearm FOREVER, court-ordered anger management counseling and significant fines and court costs.

Since many men and women facing domestic violence charges have no prior criminal record or exposure to the criminal justice system, defendants accused of domestic abuse may not understand the true seriousness of the situation and the harsh penalties they may face. Contacting someone who practices regularly in this area of law is the first step that anyone charged with a crime should take.

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What Makes Domestic Assault Cases Different?

What makes these cases so unique is that there is a personal relationship between the alleged offender and the alleged victim. In many cases, domestic violence arrests arise out of a simple argument that has escalated into a shouting or shoving match. While some of these cases involve extremely aggressive attacks, they often involve minor physical altercations and minimal or even no injuries to the person who contacted the police. In some cases, the dispute does not even involve violence, but an arrest may have been made as a result of heated words that caused fear of harm.

Frequently, after the police have broken up a fight and time has passed, the person who called the police no longer wants to press charges. Given the seriousness of domestic violence, however, prosecutors can and do press charges even without the consent of the victim. They have the right to subpoena the victim to testify at trial as well.

Prosecutors understand that reluctant witnesses often make poor witnesses. That is why many domestic violence cases are resolved by plea negotiations. Our firm has helped many clients facing domestic violence charges protect their rights and mount a vigorous defense. We can seek a plea agreement to a lesser charge, work to minimize penalties or take your case to trial to further protect your rights.

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