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Car Accident Lawyer Murfreesboro TN

A car or truck accident can leave you with serious injuries. You may be wondering how you will pay for your medical bills and support your family.

At the Law Offices of R. Timothy Hogan, we can help you pursue compensation for your injuries after a motor vehicle accident. From car crashes to semi-truck accidents, we can handle every aspect of your personal injury claim. We understand how important your recovery is to you. We can handle your legal claim and the insurance company while you focus on your recovery.

We provide consultations and dedicated service to our clients. Call a Murfreesboro car accident attorney at our law firm toll free at 888-336-6297. We promptly return calls to keep you informed at every stage of your case.

Acting Quickly to Investigate the Cause of Your Vehicle Collision

In every motor vehicle accident case, a quick and thorough investigation is essential. The longer you wait, the more evidence could disappear. Witness memories can fade over time and on-scene evidence can be lost.

When you hire our firm, we will immediately begin a comprehensive investigation into the cause of your accident. We may consult with accident reconstructionists to help us determine the cause of your injuries.

If you were in an accident with a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, we will investigate the driver's logbook and GPS data in order to determine if the driver violated any trucking regulations. Driver fatigue, drug or alcohol abuse or improper truck maintenance can also lead to serious accidents. We will explore every avenue to help you hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries.

Helping Clients With Car and Truck Wreck Injuries

At our firm, we will help clients suffering from all types of injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and head trauma
  • Back, neck and spinal injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Compound fractures

Contact a Rutherford County Truck Wreck Injury Attorney

To speak with personal injury lawyer R. Timothy Hogan, contact our law firm. We offer free initial consultations and will work to secure the medical expenses, lost wages and damages for pain and suffering that you deserve.