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Attorney R. Timothy Hogan

Tennessee Attorney R. Timothy Hogan

Attorney R. Timothy Hogan has helped clients throughout Middle Tennessee find solutions.

As a passionate advocate for his client's rights, lawyer Hogan works diligently to seek the best possible results for every client who comes through our doors. He believes strongly in the importance of personal service, accessibility and professionalism.

Attorney R. Timothy Hogan is admitted to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court.

"I aggressively represent my clients, and let the adversary know that if it is a fight that they want - it will be a fight to the finish.” ~ Tim

R. Timothy Hogan

R. Timothy Hogan

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Phone: 615-686-8491
Toll-Free: 888-336-6297
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I am a solo practitioner; I don’t have a bunch of hungry lawyers to feed so I can charge very reasonable fees.  I am the attorney that will deal with you from start to finish. I am a different kind of lawyer, between you and I give you my cell phone number to get in touch with me. Sometimes questions arise after office hours or on weekends, you are free to call anytime, if I don’t answer the phone you will always be able to leave me a message and I will return your call and answer your question. I return all my calls each day. I consider it an honor and a privilege to represent you and I will aggressively pursue your position in your case.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law

The Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan is conveniently located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. To schedule a consultation with Attorney R. Timothy Hogan, call us at 615-686-8491 or contact him by e-mail.