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The Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan will do everything possible for the purpose of helping you to the fullest extent of the law. We will listen to you and diligently note the facts regarding your unique Child Support case, and then devise a carefully considered strategy to procure the most favorable result possible in the Smyrna area.

At The Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan in Smyrna, our Child Support firm takes a civil approach to resolving disputes that can become quite complicated. We put our 15 Years of experience to work for you in the Child Support area. We will make sure your Child Support case gets the attention it deserves. 

At The Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan we take the time to listen to your story and get to know you on more than just a business to customer level. We know it is important to know your personal plights in Smyrna because that will allow us to serve you better in court. We want to help you through your Child Support cases.

The doors at The Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan are always open to you. We pride ourselves on providing a supportive, welcoming environment, as well as outstanding Child Support counsel. It is no secret why we are the top pick of the Smyrna legal community when it comes to Child Support matters. Our 15 Years of practicing family law has truly set us apart from the rest. If you are unhappy with the way your current Child Support case is being handled in Smyrna - seeing more frustration than results - call The Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan in order to schedule your first consultation with us.

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